The Reason Why

The dog sat still in wonder, as she gazed upon the sky
She watched it turn from grey to pink, but didn't question why.
Her ears twitched to capture, the chorus of the birds
But she didn't try to describe it, or put it into words

She simply sat and took it in, the glory of the morning
No pause to look for omens, that might serve as a warning
In quiet meditation, she seemed to greet the day
Accepting of all that is, and all that might come her way

As I watched this lovely creature, sitting tall and proud and true
I realised she could teach me, more than a thing or two
About peace and trust and knowing, and what it's truly worth
To live a simple existence, upon this beautiful earth

For too long I have questioned, why I'm here in time and space
Looking for my purpose, searching for my place
As she caught my scent and turned, bounded over for a hug
In that moment it was clear to me, the reason why is love

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