Kindred Spirits

A pair of geese flew low to the tall grass, circled, came in to land 
Away from their gaggle at last, they settled their feathers and
Sat still in quiet contemplation, of the lush green scenery
Alone at last, away from prying eyes, finally they were free
To be themselves together, far from the din of the crowd
They gazed up to the sky that they shared, azure blue with a hint of white cloud

Their gaggles would never permit, their inertia and lack of song
They were expected to be busy and loud, honking and waddling all day long
But this pair of kindred spirits, felt a pull to a simpler life
Without all the clamour and bickering, devoid of the gaggle strife
They knew they would have to return, to the safety of the horde
To stay forever in this wide open space, was more than they could afford

They were silent and still together, for as long as they could be
Enveloped by sunlight, wrapped in stillness, under a sky as blue as the sea
As dusk approached and the sun, set fire to the evening sky
They ruffled their feathers, spread their wings, softly honked their goodbyes,
To the place where they shared their solitude, quiet souls joined together in peace
They took flight, silhouettes against the burning sky, a pair of solitary geese.

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