A monster was sighted in Sidmouth Sixty-four metres wide Longer than a commercial plane Too big for the sewer to hide In the depths of the drainage system Its bulk caused a blockage that backed up the pipes Yet the monster continued to grow in size Because people kept flushing their wipes And pouring oil … Continue reading Fatberg

Tea, biscuits and self-sabotage: a writer’s reflections on procrastination

Each day I wake up with one intent: to write as much as I can. In the morning I’ll start off with some journaling and a poem.  I can often find time for a blog post here and there, but my sticking point is stories.  Short stories come easier than longer ones, but the hardest … Continue reading Tea, biscuits and self-sabotage: a writer’s reflections on procrastination

In the game

Her heart hammered in her chest and her breath came in short, sharp gasps.  Her focus was entirely on this last lap of the pool, not the other competitors, nor the time on the clock.  For these moments she embodied one singular purpose: winning.  She concentrated on her stroke, practised to near perfection. There was … Continue reading In the game


He walked the familiar route through the hospital corridors, the weight of his heart dragging his steps. She’d been on the end-of-life ward for over two weeks, though she’d been lost longer than that. The creeping fog that invaded his wife not long after retirement had taken the best parts and left a stranger in … Continue reading Goldfish

Yogi Yoda

Our children are our teachers, mirrors deep as the sea Each trigger a new learning point, pushed relentlessly Lessons learned the hard way on the messy path to growth No route free of worry or strife, I’ve made my peace with both But the love they bring is infinite, burning brighter than the stars Unlocking … Continue reading Yogi Yoda