Matters Much

There is a negative Nelly living deep within my brain His complaints are always different, yet they’re really all the same The soundtrack he lays down is one of cacophonous strife A circuitous litany on the grievances of life He cannot see the awe in scudding clouds through window panes All he sees are heavy … Continue reading Matters Much

Red Squirrel

I hoped to catch a glimpse of you bright eyed and bushy tailed I scanned each tree in earnest but all to no avail Through closed eyes and wound back time there you are so clearly Bouncing through the autumn leaves I loved to watch you dearly My Dad would say how lucky We were … Continue reading Red Squirrel

Shield Bug

I'm Palomena PrasinaOf the order HeteropteraI might look a little toughdon't let the exterior scare 'yaI'm a knight in shining armourA truer bug you'll never findPurpose woven in the fabricOf a pattern well designedI'm a family bug; my sigil:Protector of the landSome might call me stinkybut they don't understandI'm the bottom of the pyramidThe stone … Continue reading Shield Bug