‘The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make and could just as easily make differently’ – David Graeber

We all saw it during the pandemic, didn’t we?  Our ability to quickly and, relatively easily, adapt to new ways of doing things: children didn't go to school, people didn't go to work and loungewear became the season's must have attire. Yet now normality has resumed, so the possibility of doing things differently also seems … Continue reading ‘The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make and could just as easily make differently’ – David Graeber

Matters Much

There is a negative Nelly living deep within my brain His complaints are always different, yet they’re really all the same The soundtrack he lays down is one of cacophonous strife A circuitous litany on the grievances of life He cannot see the awe in scudding clouds through window panes All he sees are heavy … Continue reading Matters Much

The End of Mankind

This is December’s offering to Gobblers/Masticadores, a strange story inspired by an infection called Wolbachia which is found amongst anthropods and isopods. When infected, male woodlice can turn into female woodlice who then only produce female offspring. The world is a weirdly wonderful place!

Gobblers & Masticadores

by Rae Cod

“How long has he been infected with the parasite, Mr Kant?” asked Doctor Fenton, keeping her face as neutral as possible. This was the tenth case presenting with intensive acceleration they’d had this week. The patient – the host – was under sedation in isolation; isolation to supposedly protect others from the parasite, sedation to protect the patient’s own sanity: the National Health Service just didn’t have the resources to deal with something like this.

“He was infected in the first wave, so I guess about six months ago, we’ve been really careful since then, followed the guidelines not to touch…except…”

Dr Fenton’s ears pricked up, “except?”

“His birthday, three months ago, it was just the once…it’d been so long since either of us…and his symptoms seemed under control…”

“Did you use protection”

“No,” said the husband – Mr Kant, Doctor Fenton reminded herself. She must remember to…

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Use Them Well

There’s nothing makes me buoyantlike words that can engageReading them or writing themseeing them on stageHearing them in musicor watching them on screenDiscourse dished directlyfilling spaces in-betweenSaid or read within a momentthey have power to spark a changeFor good or ill they’re physicalimbued in each exchangeThe magic found within themwon’t need incantations or a spellLike … Continue reading Use Them Well

These Shoes

These shoes are made for crawling, soft and grippy just like glue One shoe off and one shoe on, all fours around the room These shoes are made for cruising, stable soles with gait askew Small and tentative steps explore a world that’s meant for you The shoes are made for running, so fast you … Continue reading These Shoes

Many holes, no water: the pursuit of mastery

I’ve always had this feeling that I’ve never gone quite deep enough with anything to consider myself skilled at it.  The term ‘mastery’ floats around in education and self-development circles.  It simply means proficiency, but all too often I read it in terms of superiority or domination and for that reason I don’t like it … Continue reading Many holes, no water: the pursuit of mastery