My writing journey

I haven’t got a single photo of the five of us together; another ‘to do’ for the list.

I’m a northern lass living in middle England with my Welsh husband, our two children and our puppy, who’s fully grown but who only comes when we call ‘puppy’ in a high pitched and excited voice…a small pickle of my own making to add to the list of ‘things I’ll get around to sorting out one day.’

However, top of that list for some time has been to start a blog, where I can self publish my short stories and rhyming poems and generally ramble on in the hopes of providing some amusement for others and…oh my, will you look at that? Here it is!

I’ve been sporadically writing short stories and poems for the past couple of years. Prior to this I haven’t produced any creative writing since I was a child, when I used to carry a notebook and a gold pen everywhere and make up short rhyming poems about everyone and everything.

My hope in creating this blog is that someone, somewhere will enjoy reading my creations. If that person is you then hello, come in. I’m so glad you found me. Can I get you a cuppa?

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