A bit about me

It’s strange that I can spend hours writing about my inner most thoughts and publish them online in the form of a blog article, but when it comes to writing a short blurb describing who I am, I panic! Maybe it’s because I’m still figuring that out as I go along, or maybe it’s because I’m not a fan of slapping labels on things, but if I was writing an ‘about me’ blurb in the conventional sense, then I suppose I’d say a little something like this:

I’m a part-time writer and full time human being, wife and mother to two awesome children, living in middle England with a healthy side-hustle of life in South Wales. I love reading, writing, meditating, magic and the feeling or being awed by something ordinary (which is a kind of magic). I look better with make-up on but can frequently be found with it off.

I’ve been sporadically writing short stories and poems for the past four years. Prior to this I hadn’t produced any creative writing since I was a child, when I used to carry a notebook and a gold pen everywhere and make up short rhyming poems about everyone and everything. A few years ago I took the plunge and started this blog to share my musings, rhymes and short stories.

My hope in creating this content is that someone, somewhere will enjoy reading it and maybe even get something useful out of it. If that person is you then hello, come in. I’m so glad you found me. Can I get you a cuppa?

Photo by Maria Tyutina on Pexels.com