Have you ever said out loud, the thoughts inside your head?
The dark, relentless shadow words, that drag you from your bed
In the dark of night when all is quiet and you've all the time to think
The thoughts that whisper you're no good, the ones that make you shrink

My thoughts escaped the other night, poured out to another soul
I told of all the ways I thought I'd failed to reach my goals
Of the fear and worry growing, deep inside my heart
That I'm halfway through my life, but never left the start

The soul just listened then took my hand. radiating warmth and love
Accepting me for all that I am, reminding me I'm enough
The ugly words that had left me, dissipated into the air
Freed from my mind, dissolved by love, no longer festering there

If you hear such deep dark thoughts, the next time things get tough
Free them to the embrace of love and remember, you are enough

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