He walked the familiar route through the hospital corridors, the weight of his heart dragging his steps. She’d been on the end-of-life ward for over two weeks, though she’d been lost longer than that. The creeping fog that invaded his wife not long after retirement had taken the best parts and left a stranger in … Continue reading Goldfish

Yogi Yoda

Our children are our teachers, mirrors deep as the sea Each trigger a new learning point, pushed relentlessly Lessons learned the hard way on the messy path to growth No route free of worry or strife, I’ve made my peace with both But the love they bring is infinite, burning brighter than the stars Unlocking … Continue reading Yogi Yoda

Bake Off

Four and twenty blackbirds were baked into a pie But one escaped this wicked fate and soared into the sky Felt freedom touch her wingtips in the rushing of the air Four and twenty heartaches tinged her lightness with despair Time passed by and she became exhausted by her grief Made a resolute decision to … Continue reading Bake Off

New Year, Same Worries: overcoming the merry-go-round of rumination

At the end of 2021 I found myself in the peculiar position of feeling like I was back to square one in terms of my overthinking and worrying ways. I've written before about the non-linear aspects of change, but there are some things you think you've just cracked, and for me overthinking and ruminating fell … Continue reading New Year, Same Worries: overcoming the merry-go-round of rumination

Pothole Man

Sometimes he digs a holeSometimes he fills it inSometimes he mends the cracks that creep unseen til the road caves inIike any well versed fixer you don’t notice he’s been there but the ground feels a little less bumpy beneath his maintenance and careSome say he isn’t real if you can’t see him at his … Continue reading Pothole Man