Shield Bug

I'm Palomena PrasinaOf the order HeteropteraI might look a little toughdon't let the exterior scare 'yaI'm a knight in shining armourA truer bug you'll never findPurpose woven in the fabricOf a pattern well designedI'm a family bug; my sigil:Protector of the landSome might call me stinkybut they don't understandI'm the bottom of the pyramidThe stone … Continue reading Shield Bug

Killer Heels

A tale with a twist on this month’s short story offering. This was written in response to a flash fiction prompt which was the opening line. Thanks to Manuela & Gobblers/Masticadores for publishing.

Gobblers & Masticadores

by Rae Cod

She liked to fit people into the world like puzzle pieces. Unfortunately, not many people were what they seemed these days. It made finding suitable men such a chore. Take her last date, for example, she’d had high hopes. His profile had ticked all the boxes and she’d rolled out the seven-inch killer heels.  She felt a spark as soon as they met; a thrill of anticipation shivered down her spine. 

She worked her charm flawlessly, but he ruined it over dessert when he confided he was a Police Detective. A fact – he claimed – he omitted from his profile because of the ‘sensitive nature’ of his work. She nearly left him there at the table, so angry at this colossal waste of her time, but she forced herself to continue smiling and nodding in all the right places, was even able to bring herself to kiss him on the cheek as…

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Conditioned to the beep: becoming aware of unconscious habits

I’ve been working out to YouTube exercise video’s by the same trainer for years; once I find something I like I tend to stick with it, but my enthusiasm for exercise has been waning a bit lately. My brother recommended another YouTube trainer and their videos have breathed new life into my morning exercise routine.  … Continue reading Conditioned to the beep: becoming aware of unconscious habits

Break the Spell

The vibes are flowing gently Gong beats sing sweet in the air The colour of pure abounds Hope hangs in silent prayer Hands join in expectation Bodies ache to let go of the fight Surely this must bring salvation An end to the long dark night Fingers grasp beneath the surface Scrabbling for something to … Continue reading Break the Spell

Message from the Maggots: an awakening with an unusual delivery

We had a heatwave in the UK last week, so I left the house early to walk the dog before the blistering heat took hold.  Walking down the driveway I spotted a little white something wriggling on the warm tarmac, then another, and another.  On closer inspection I found the driveway was scattered with maggots!  … Continue reading Message from the Maggots: an awakening with an unusual delivery