Unconditional, subliminal Holding space within the liminal Seeping into cracks Healing wounds we just can’t see at all Accepting what is seen For good or ill, better or worse Cheering on our dreams There for chapter, page and verse Presence ever constant Fades into the scenery of life It’s only when they’re gone We feel … Continue reading Unbounded


He walked the familiar route through the hospital corridors, the weight of his heart dragging his steps. She’d been on the end-of-life ward for over two weeks, though she’d been lost longer than that. The creeping fog that invaded his wife not long after retirement had taken the best parts and left a stranger in … Continue reading Goldfish


Have you ever said out loud, the thoughts inside your head? The dark, relentless shadow words, that drag you from your bed In the dark of night when all is quiet and you've all the time to think The thoughts that whisper you're no good, the ones that make you shrink My thoughts escaped the … Continue reading Enough