Red Squirrel

I hoped to catch a glimpse of you bright eyed and bushy tailed I scanned each tree in earnest but all to no avail Through closed eyes and wound back time there you are so clearly Bouncing through the autumn leaves I loved to watch you dearly My Dad would say how lucky We were … Continue reading Red Squirrel

Shield Bug

I'm Palomena PrasinaOf the order HeteropteraI might look a little toughdon't let the exterior scare 'yaI'm a knight in shining armourA truer bug you'll never findPurpose woven in the fabricOf a pattern well designedI'm a family bug; my sigil:Protector of the landSome might call me stinkybut they don't understandI'm the bottom of the pyramidThe stone … Continue reading Shield Bug

Break the Spell

The vibes are flowing gently Gong beats sing sweet in the air The colour of pure abounds Hope hangs in silent prayer Hands join in expectation Bodies ache to let go of the fight Surely this must bring salvation An end to the long dark night Fingers grasp beneath the surface Scrabbling for something to … Continue reading Break the Spell