Family Fun at Halloween: Introducing Marvin

A few years ago I met a skeleton in the Halloween aisle of our local Wilko’s. As soon as I laid eyes on him I knew I was taking him home, so I slung him over my shoulder and we’ve never looked back.

We named him Starvin’ Marvin and he was the very start of my experimentation with social media, posting his escapades in the run up to Halloween to tickle the funny bones of my friends and family..

As years have gone by his family has grown and he’s encouraged us towards more creativity at Halloween. What was once a one day event of trick or treating is now a week long family affair in planning, organising and dressing the house.

Marvin helped us start a family tradition that lights us all up and brings some much needed frivolous fun into our lives when the days are getting shorter and we’re getting wearier.

If you’ve been following my Instagram page you’ll have noticed Marvin’s started to make his yearly appearances.

Here are some of Marvin’s past adventures. If you want to join in his current ones then head over to my Instagram page and follow along.

Marvin and his pedigree skull dog, Hank. Hank’s a bit too fond of Marvin, he loves the bones of him.
You just can’t get the workers, it’s a Skeleton crew on site.
Marvin felt like death after this one.

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