Much To-Do About Nothing

I got no time to write that rhyme

But I got hours to surf online

I got no time to start that book

But I got days to clean and cook

I’d love to sit down and start that blog

But I’ve stumbled into a viscous brain fog

When that clears, I predict

I’ve got a wonky shelf to fix

My pen is out and ready to go

But first I’ll catch my favourite show

When all that is up to date

I’ll just pop round and see my mate

I’ve got a story that’s boneyard deep

But first I better have a sleep

Then I need to have a shower

After that I’ll write for ten whole hours

Then my chest is rocked by a hacking cough

For the next few weeks I’m really off

When I start to feel much better

I manage to write one whole letter:


Now that sounds good

A cup of tea, then I really should

bake a cake and trim my nails

Then I’ll get back to writing my tales

By the time I reach the pearly gates

I entertain the idea that it might be too late

to write that thriller set in Katmandu

The problem is there’s too much to-do

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Try reading this one in a Mancunian accent, John Cooper Clarke style, it works for me.

This weekend I’m trying to write, which means 80% of the time I can be found drinking tea and eating biscuits. When I eventually sit down with the laptop my focus slips through my fingers like water, as the tiniest interference drags me off on a tangent; it’s like selective ADD.  I’m aware my distractibility and biscuit troughing tendencies are connected to my writing, which is a good thing, because apparently awareness is the first step in addressing any problem, but I’m a little unsure about the next step. A padlock on the biscuit cupboard? An empty tea jar? Perhaps the simplest answer is a change of scenery. Maybe a nice little coffee shop where I can get cosy and focus on the important business of writing…tea and biscuits shouldn’t be a problem there, right?

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12 thoughts on “Much To-Do About Nothing

    • It’s one I also need often 🤣

      According to Steven Pressfield’s book The War on Art resistance (and learning to overcome it time and again) is all part of the creative process. Makes me feel a little better 😊

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  1. Often the jig-saw doesn’t come together; especially if there’s no picture to follow on the box; maybe too many pieces from a different puzzle in there too.

    Fabulous poem. I caught the idea of surfing there. The other week, I’d been wondering whether web surfing was still a thing (it was almost a post). Maybe it is but the waves aren’t as high.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 😊

      The original line was ‘I got hours to hang washing on the line’ but I changed it when I was posting to Instagram as I thought the online reference might be more relevant…but it did occur to me so people even say surfing online anymore? (Showing my age 🤣) I know my kids don’t say it, maybe a gentle paddle-board online as you say.

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