The Buzzard’s Cry

Perched atop a road sign in composed regality
the buzzard gathered silent strength meditatively 
she felt the value in the stillness and the peace of being alone
the acceptance that came from being in the place that she called home
she knew some birds that flew for months migrating far and wide
they disdained her lack of travel and looked down on her with pride
in all the things they’d seen and done in places far away 
while she stayed put close to the place her children chose to stay
but she was wise beyond her years and knew what they did not
her place in the world is undefined by what is seen or what is got 
she knew the constant power in trusting that you’ve found the place for you
so she took in all the beauty of the wild world in her view
felt the strength of the earth flow through her as she gathered up her wings
launched from her perch with a piercing cry of love for everything
Photo by Frank Cone on

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Sunday rhyme time offering.

My Mum sent me a picture of a buzzard perched atop a fountain in the garden the other day. Later that same day I saw one perched atop a road sign, so it seemed this majestic bird was asking me to write about her.

Many of my rhymes feature creatures of this Earth and writing about them has the effect of making me feel closer to them and closer to nature, which is a lovely place to be.

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