The Hare

The hare‘s ears were set to receiveTwitching in a field of grey soon to welcome the lightHer body quivering as the missive settled A vision absorbed as day chased away nightCalm clarity caressed her restless soulA union of body and mind A liminal space with the path clear before her Tinged with excitement at what … Continue reading The Hare

Time to Play

It’s free to play So play away It costs nothing but your time What’s time When there’s so much to gain Rather yours than mine A trajectory that’s flattened A curve that never peaks A busy state of doing No space to think or speak A path that’s well mapped out by all who’ve trod … Continue reading Time to Play

The Rat Pack

The rat woke up with a feeling That all was not right with the world An unease sensed deep in his body An aversion that slowly uncurled A displacement from his surroundings Hints of deja-vu in reverse A knowing that staying this path Would lead to something worse He tried to explain his sensations To … Continue reading The Rat Pack

Toad’s Journey

Bear crawling Belly slithering Low and slow close to the ground Shower soaking Sunshine storing Pulling in the strength around For the journey to the pond where he spawned some years ago Life cycle on repeat Instinct leads the urge to sow The path is fraught with perils The journey long and hard He cannot … Continue reading Toad’s Journey