Yogi Yoda

Our children are our teachers, mirrors deep as the sea Each trigger a new learning point, pushed relentlessly Lessons learned the hard way on the messy path to growth No route free of worry or strife, I’ve made my peace with both But the love they bring is infinite, burning brighter than the stars Unlocking … Continue reading Yogi Yoda

What if?

The feeling is subliminal Pervasive in the minimal Worming in Squirming in to the spaces we can’t see it all A broken record sings its song But it’s played its tune for far too long Crying wolf Crying wolf The mangled tune plays on and on Conscripted to the ranks of this invisible war Platitudes … Continue reading What if?

Pothole Man

Sometimes he digs a holeSometimes he fills it inSometimes he mends the cracks that creep unseen til the road caves inIike any well versed fixer you don’t notice he’s been there but the ground feels a little less bumpy beneath his maintenance and careSome say he isn’t real if you can’t see him at his … Continue reading Pothole Man

The Hum

Ideas drift by in the ether, shining brightly displaying their wares for all on this plane to see, waiting for someone to notice who cares enough to cradle an ember close, give it form upon the page once inked it sparks, ignited by chance, to inspire a whole new age Some ideas wait for aeons, … Continue reading The Hum