Time to Fly

The fly flew from the ointment
and landed in my drink
Its lifeless body floated there
gave me time to think
Did I really want the comfort
those bubbles would provide?
Liquid gold within my veins
Euphoric rush to downward slide

In a memory my mind hides:

The chasing of a high
that can be reached no more
Racing blindly to oblivion
my body hits the floor
No one bats an eyelid
It’s hailed as one great night
Smashed to pieces once again
assumptions all's alright

But tonight…

The fly has flown the ointment
and landed in my drink
I couldn’t save its life
but it gave me pause to think
Did I really want the bubbles
that bring me so much pain
Wrap me up in layers of numb
then slam me down again

Or do I want to go home
leave that nectar far behind
Discover who I am 
feel the hurts I tried to hide
Heal wounds before they fester
learn to be here and let go
The fly flew from the ointment
showed me now’s the time to grow

I went to the pub with my other half on Friday and ordered a glass of prosecco, but after a couple of sips I wasn’t really enjoying it. I got chatting to a lovely lady who was making friends with our dog and went to pick up my drink, only to discover it had become the graveyard for multiple small flies! I’ve no idea where they came from (indoors in the middle of winter) and there weren’t any in my husband’s drink, but it was the perfect reason to go home and have a cup of tea. Much more my speed these days.

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6 thoughts on “Time to Fly

  1. “Now’s the time to grow”. So glad to have left that nectar behind but it’s a painful process facing the problems I drank to numb out. One step at a time. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s all you can take lovely. Totally worth it though, you don’t realise how much you’re not processing until it’s no longer there to mask things. Big hugs 🤗 xxx


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