The earwig used its flight, weaving clumsily
to grab at my attention
This missive it gave to me:

Stop thinking so hard!
Drop into your heart
Let head rest from chatter and noise
Trust is the way
Let it hold sway
Life flows easy with grace and with poise

But turn trust away and succumb to the fray
Cacophony, clamour and noise
An ego SO LOUD in a narcissistic crowd
will shriek barricades that bar the way

I gathered her up in hands softly cupped
This brave soul who risked all to show me
that where I am now is (as always) right where I am meant to be

A truth oft forgotten, one that gets lost in 
the daily distractions of life
Into the heart is where we can start
to hear whispers that come from the light

Photo by Riccardo on Pexels.com

Thanks for joining me this Sunday rhyme time. Spring is in the air here in the UK and all manner of wonderful insects and animals are making themselves known. Earwigs are popping up all over the place, pigeons are never far away, and a ladybird without her spots visited our bedroom last week. I love a bit of nature inspiration. What’s been inspiring you lately?

2 thoughts on “Earwig

  1. “Into the heart is where we can start to hear whispers that come from the light”……..this is a beautiful line and really resonates with me. I love your nature poems, they make me view creatures of the natural world in a more holistic way.
    I am much kinder to wood lice since your poem about them, thank you. Xx

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    • Thanks lovely, that’s my favourite line too 😊 It’s the same with me, the more I write about them the closer I feel to nature, although I accidentally stepped on a woodlouse at Mum’s the other week and it didn’t make it 🙈


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