All You’ll Ever Need

Moving in a spiral

to a point of purity

Ever decreasing circles

‘til you get where you should be

The other myth: a straight line

traditional trajectory

Avoiding all the pitfalls

‘til you get where you could be

At the centre, lies the answer

the one each of us seek

“Keep climbing to pure happiness,

it’s waiting at the peak”

Yet you never seem to make it

You just spin round and round

Get higher then you fall again

meet unsteady ground

The truth is so much simpler

than we make it out to be

In this moment you have everything.

That’s all you’ll ever need

The power lives within us

The peace is always there

Close eyes, put palm to heart

Feel the love that lives in there

Thanks for joining me this Monday rhyme time. I missed the usual Sunday to celebrate my Mum for her birthday. My favourite part of the weekend was at the end of a good meal with family and friends, when we went round the table and people shared what my Mum meant to them, each person’s words echoing the last and building upon them. The room filled with love for my Mum and gratitude for such good friends and family.

My Mum is one of those souls who shines her light into the world without even trying; the one who keeps in touch, the organiser, the caretaker, the peacekeeper, born diplomat, a listening ear. She makes the world a better place just by being in it. It sounds like a super-power doesn’t it? It certainly seems like it when I look at my wonderful Mum. Yet we all have this power within us. The world is a better place for me being in it and for you being here too. Don’t believe me? Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, take a few deep breaths and tell me if you can feel the love that lives in there.

4 thoughts on “All You’ll Ever Need

  1. Beautiful poem and a truly wonderful time spent sharing our love for your mum, our lovely Linda. I aspire to have her patience and serenity and yes you are blessed to have her as your mum and us to have her loyal friendship. You have her qualities of sharing love and wisdom too Rae, thank you. Xx

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