Use Them Well

There’s nothing makes me buoyantlike words that can engageReading them or writing themseeing them on stageHearing them in musicor watching them on screenDiscourse dished directlyfilling spaces in-betweenSaid or read within a momentthey have power to spark a changeFor good or ill they’re physicalimbued in each exchangeThe magic found within themwon’t need incantations or a spellLike … Continue reading Use Them Well

The Rag Man

Tell me no secrets I’ll tell you no lies Show me yours and I’ll show you mine Spill the beans and I’ll lap them up Pour out your heart ‘til it fills my cup I’m a collector, a hoarder, a connoisseur Sympathiser, confidant, friend - if you prefer I’ll be whatever you need to satisfy … Continue reading The Rag Man


Boredom is a state that often feels confused Too often the solution is found in more to do Yet the boredom it persists Expanding to unrest A tower piled with more Yet still we cannot rest For the cavity inside is filled with less than went before less toil less grind less drudgery Perhaps there … Continue reading Boredom

Spoken Word

Words from off the pagevoiced into the airclothed in different texture once they’re free to float out thereHitting harder with inflectiona pause that’s pregnant with suspensea phrase that flutters gentlya verse that’s heavy, hard and dense Written lines that never were Meant to stay inside the headPower lives upon the tongue Speak the words aloud … Continue reading Spoken Word

The Ladybird

The ladybird emerged from her pupa She’d awaited this day for so long The day she would finally take her place In the family to which she belonged Four stages of transformation Had paved the way for this day Egg into larva larva to pupa Now her spots were on their way She came from … Continue reading The Ladybird

Bad Grammar

As soon as I started a tale with a subordinating conjunction The insubordinate ones ran off, all noise and wild rambunction The coordinating conjunctions were nowhere to be found They’d left in perfect synchronicity, for that’s how they get around Yet is it really necessary to have so many junctions in this life? To write … Continue reading Bad Grammar