Boredom is a state 

that often feels confused
Too often the solution
is found in more to do
Yet the boredom
it persists
Expanding to unrest
A tower piled with more
Yet still we cannot rest
For the cavity inside is filled with less
than went before
less toil
less grind
less drudgery

Perhaps there is some room for more?

More love within our hearts
More compassion in our souls
More care for simply being
tucked away from all our goals
More glory in creation
for the sake of giving life
To new ideas
new ways of doing
new ways of being
in this life.

I was working in an office this week and in violation of global deskwork etiquette everywhere, I went for a lunchtime walk. The sunlight was a welcoming contrast to the LED lighting, the rushing sound of a nearby stream washed away the echo of keyboard clicks, the exertion of walking uphill and the delight of discovering a nearby copse of trees which I didn’t even know was there returned me to my desk with renewed vigour and energy. I was only gone fifteen minutes.

Iain Mcghilchrist says it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it. I’m beginning to see that the most profound changes in life don’t always come from changes in the world around me, but rather from how I approach that world.

What small delights are on your doorstep waiting to be discovered?

This beautiful path was hiding in between some factory buildings

10 thoughts on “Boredom

  1. I agree that profound changes come with a shift in how we view everything, and I love how you express that in your writing. I’m impressed that you rebelled against lunchtime desk culture and took a few minutes to connect with the real world, I really need to do that too. X

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    • It’s a hard thing to do though Mandy, especially when everyone else in the office is contributing to work through. I think I only managed it because it’s been so long since I’ve been in an office, even then I felt a pang of guilt 😂
      This might sound ridiculous but if there’s a tree or anything near where you work just go outside and stand touching it for a few minutes, it works wonders to rebalance. If anyone asks what you’re doing just say you’re checking for termites (do we have termites here? I’ll have to look that up! 😂) xxx


  2. I love that path, I’d give a finger to the etiquette and go for a walk too, far more healing to be in sunlight, air, nature. Live to work, not work to live. Yes, we need more self-compassion for sure, we are hard on ourselves, and we believe our masters far too much for our own health.

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    • Agreed! There’s something so restorative about getting out, if we just let go of the ‘busy busy busy’ culture a little and took the time to slow down a little each day we’d all feel a lot happier & probably be even more productive, we’d certainly be healthier.

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      • Yes, we would be much healthier. Something happened at the end of the 90s when all the younger workers coming in seemed to be anxious and apprehensive and far too pleasing of the admins to stand up for their contractual rights and so many observed worked themselves to death, working sick, never taking time off and delaying holidays. Drove me nuts. It seemed to be a culture that developed here. I once said to a colleague, the file will still be there tomorrow 🙂


      • The culture’s still going strong! I think the pandemic helped a little in that if people are sick they tend to take the time to rest at home now, but from what I can see it’s still very much lunch at the desk & few breaks, perhaps because people are genuinely busy, but breaks are a required part of productivity in my opinion, even better if that break can be outside (preferably not with a cigarette in hand!)

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      • Yes, outside and and breathing. The research backs up that it does indeed improve productivity to allow for breaks, so it’s madness to not have them. Here’s to more of your fresh air moments 🙂

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