Spoken Word

Words from off the page
voiced into the air
clothed in different texture
once they’re free to float out there
Hitting harder with inflection
a pause that’s pregnant with suspense
a phrase that flutters gently
a verse that’s heavy, hard and dense
Written lines that never were
Meant to stay inside the head
Power lives upon the tongue
Speak the words aloud instead

I just finished reading a book by spoken word poet, Mike Garry.

I’m in awe of the spoken word, it looks like a different art form altogether, but many of these poems form upon the page, then the author has the courage to set them free.

It’s not something I’ve ever thought I could do, but after giving a speech for my Dad’s birthday recently, I found joy and laughter in speaking the words that live inside my heart. So maybe.

23 thoughts on “Spoken Word

    • Is that because nerves get the better of you Ally or do you just find it more comfortable reading in your head?

      Now that you say that, I wonder how much school is to blame for our discomfort with reading aloud. It’s supposed to give us the skills to present to a room but I just remember making myself very small in my seat and hoping the teacher wouldn’t pick me! 🙈

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      • Both. I stumble over words more often when I speak out loud, sound like I’m hesitant because I get unnerved with people looking at me. I think you’re right that school had everything to do with that. I was a shy kid, forced to stand up in front of the class– for my own good. But it wasn’t.

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  1. You spoke clearly and confidently at your dads birthday Rae. Your voice is gentle but commanding and, oh boy, “that look” is powerful indeed.

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