In the game

Her heart hammered in her chest and her breath came in short, sharp gasps.  Her focus was entirely on this last lap of the pool, not the other competitors, nor the time on the clock.  For these moments she embodied one singular purpose: winning.  She concentrated on her stroke, practised to near perfection. There was … Continue reading In the game


He walked the familiar route through the hospital corridors, the weight of his heart dragging his steps. She’d been on the end-of-life ward for over two weeks, though she’d been lost longer than that. The creeping fog that invaded his wife not long after retirement had taken the best parts and left a stranger in … Continue reading Goldfish


I've got an unsettling tech story for you in this months offering to the illustrious online magazine Gobblers/Masticadores. In a strange bit of synchronicity, I couldn't publish this link to it when I planned because we've been disconnected from the internet for a couple of days, perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me something. … Continue reading Disconnected


It's that time again, when my monthly submission to the wonderful Gobblers/Masticadores helps me step out of my comfort zone and put a story out into the world. At my first creative writing class, it was crafting flash fiction stories that sent lightbulbs pinging everywhere, the inspiration that eventually drew me towards setting up a … Continue reading Check


All too soon he was home.  The dark windows of the two-bed semi seemed to mock him as he stowed his bike in the lean to: the weed filled hanging baskets on the porch silently accusing as he turned his key in the lock and made his way into the cold, empty house. A stack … Continue reading Fans