Snakes in the Grass

Another story published thanks to the team at Gobblers/Masticadores.

The opening paragraphs of this story were written in a creative writing class I took a couple of years ago, but I only recently got round to finishing it. It was inspired by a friend who works with cows, but I hasten to add that the story itself is entirely fictional.

The rain was coming down hard.  Pete could hear barking and shouts in the distance.  They were looking for him. He could barely see a thing from the dying light of his phone.  He had to find shelter.

The smell hit his nose before he came upon the yard.  Thick and pungent, it had a slight sweetness to it.  The stomping of hooves and the occasional deep, reverberant moo confirmed it: cows.  Perfect.  He knew how to handle cows, his dad had been a dairy farmer.  He found the smell of cow dung earthy and reassuring, much like his early childhood, when his dad was still alive anyway.  

He slipped into the barn, hunkered down behind some hay bales and began to plaster himself in the thick, cakey dung. Another fine mess you’ve got yourself into.  The rain should dampen his trail and the dogs shouldn’t scent him through this.  With any luck he could hide here until morning, then make his escape....Click here to read the rest of the story.

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3 thoughts on “Snakes in the Grass

    • Haha it makes me nervous to know you’ve read me swearing in a story (even though I’m sure you’ve heard me too, over the years 😂)

      Stories come tricky to me but I’m working on a few ideas 💡 😚


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