It’s that time again, when my monthly submission to the wonderful Gobblers/Masticadores helps me step out of my comfort zone and put a story out into the world.

At my first creative writing class, it was crafting flash fiction stories that sent lightbulbs pinging everywhere, the inspiration that eventually drew me towards setting up a blog.

Quite how I ended up writing so many personal development articles and so few stories I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s a form of procrastination, or perhaps I needed to get used to sharing a little of myself, before I could share fiction.

Either way, stories have taken a backseat on my blog, but that’s something I’m working on changing.

I hope you enjoy this months offering. Whilst you’re visiting Gobblers/Masticadores why not explore some of the other short stories, poems and articles available on their site, there’s something for everyone.

He sat on the step of the cabin, a sweater enough protection from the chill in the air, which promised to flee before the rising sun.  His eyes scanned the forest as he breathed in the wet, earthy scent of the petrichor.  

The birds had begun their chatter, but the sky was still painted in shades of ink, the colours reflecting his mood much better than the glowing embers that would soon appear.

He hadn’t slept.  Maverick had never been this late before.  Waylaid at times, but never this late.  

Were it not for Maverick’s visits, Tom would be cut off from the world.

He told himself that was the way he liked it, but a part of him whispered it was no more than he deserved….Click here to read the rest of the story.

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6 thoughts on “Check

    • Thanks so much lovely, that’s really nice to hear. Because I can see it all in my head I’m never sure how well it translates to the reader (there’s always more back story in my head too, but I have to cut it down somewhere!)

      Thanks so much for your support lovely Mandy xx


    • Thanks so much Ally, that is praise indeed, it’s lovely to hear it drew you in as I’m never quite sure if the hook works.

      My Mum used to read a magazine called ‘Bella’ when I was young, it always had a ‘tale with a twist’ on the back page & this was the first page I’d go to (& then the horoscopes 😂)

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