The foot long hot dog and the end of days

I’m lucky enough to have another short story over on Gobblers/Masticadores this month, a heartfelt thanks to Manuela for publishing.

Here’s a snippet, click the link to read the rest.

Jim stood impatiently in the queue for the beat up old hot dog van, hands stuffed into the pockets of his road dusty jeans, weight shifting constantly from one foot to the other.  He kept glancing towards the horizon for any sign of the blinding flash that would signal the end of all things.

People lay in the desert dirt in various states of lethargy, sweating their last in the stifling heat.  Families huddled together and held each other, parents whispering platitudes to their children and telling them how much they loved them. 

Jim didn’t have any family, not any more anyway.  His parents died when he was young and he’d made the best of a bad start to life.  A few brushes with the law, but on the whole he’d kept himself clean and landed a steady job at a burger joint.  The plan was to work his way up to management, save for a deposit on a house and maybe find himself a girl.  It was going ok too, until that college kid, Will, joined the team, fast tracked it to management and left Jim stuck.  He found he didn’t have it in him to be bitter much.  Will was a good guy, and the best man got the job, as they say. 

Then the whole world began to unravel.  Whatever had gone before seemed pretty pointless now.  But what he did know for certain was he was going to taste one of those foot long hot dogs before the end.  The sign on the van read ‘best in Nevada’ in faded green letters.  He sure hoped so….click here to read more.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the story, let me know your thoughts and whilst you’re here, feel free to explore the rest of my blog and you can let me know your thoughts on that too.

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