The Circular Route

We’re never shown quite what it takes
to grow long lasting skills
The wrong turns and dead ends
the path that’s fraught with ills
We’re seldom shown to get to good
We often must be bad
To see the efforts ended in failure
as the best teacher we ever had

We’re never told that it’s ok
for work to feel like play
It's only worthy if it's hard
blood and sweat along the way
A workhorse soldiers on 
getting it right from the start
Never risking the not knowing
Never seeking the truth of the heart

This life will teach us to build a wall
around the softness of our core
To do exactly what is needed
and never try for more
To tick the box and once it’s checked
never give it another thought
No room for deeper learning
No tangents from what’s taught

All this is just the way it is
The way it’s always been
All this is all we’ve ever known
But there’s another way I’ve seen

A way that’s slow to grow
A path that ambles, weaves and sways
A path that doesn’t always know
A path with many circular ways
A path that trusts in the business of doing
When it’s not clear where it will lead
A path where the outcome isn’t the goal
A path where the fun is in sowing the seeds
In watering and tending them
Never knowing which one will take hold
Finding excitement in the uncertainty
Only knowing we’ll grow even when we’re old

It’s never too late for learning
We get it right less than we get it wrong
But if we listen we can march to our own beat
We can sing off key and enjoy the song

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday rhyme time. I’ll be taking a short break to go and find myself (I know I put me somewhere), but if you’re hungry for more why not explore my back catalogue? You can also connect with me on Instagram, where I’ll be posting some limericks upon my return. Thanks for reading lovely people, your presence here is much appreciated.

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