Inside Outside

Infinite possibilities
out of reach of time and space
A world full of vast imaginings
Unconveyed by tongue or face
The deepest depths of who we are
Walled off from those we know
Afraid to face what makes us tick
In the deepest depths of our soul

But there is a revolution
Writ large across the world
A budding transformation
A magic to be unfurled
Baring all that makes us human
Frail and messy, raw and true
Share the inside on the outside
So our world can be born anew

We assume too readily that we share the world with other people…It is true at an objective level that we inhabit the same physical space…Yet this outer world offers no access to the inner world of the individual. At a deeper level, each person is the custodian of a completely private, individual world.

John O’Donohue

I often feel like there’s a whole other universe in my head that no one else is privy to. I sometimes wonder what my others would think if they knew all the ideas I have in a day, but then I realise the same must be true in reverse. We don’t need to share everything that’s on our minds, but there’s definitely work to be done in getting comfortable with sharing a little more of ourselves, especially the hopes and dreams we often bury deep down. Hopes and dreams should definitely be for sharing.

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21 thoughts on “Inside Outside

  1. Pretty deep!!

    I’ve always thought of people as worlds of their own. When we converse and connect, we’re visiting another world. Planet Rae is a pretty awesome place 🙂

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  2. “Share the inside on the outside so our world can be born anew “
    Imagine how different the world would be. It takes courage to share our own universe but when we do it’s amazing the connection that can be forged, often with the most unlikely people. Xx

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    • & in the shortest space of time, it can be a brief moment of touching another’s life and you might never meet again, but sometimes a moment is all that’s needed. Xxx


  3. Beautiful poem! I agree hopes and dreams are for sharing. I also feel they are strangely difficult to share. I feel childlike and vulnerable in the sharing of my hopes and dreams. Often it seems society is “certain of the truth” and it’s quite bleak. Hopes and dreams can be seen as naive and silly. To share them openly does take courage.

    This may be an unexpected source of wisdom…but I’ve always been fond of The Smiths lyrics on this topic

    “It’s so easy to laugh
    It’s so easy to hate
    It takes strength to be gentle and kind”

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    • Thank you 😊

      They really are hard to share aren’t they? I usually choose my dreaming partners carefully & share with people who get as excited by a bit of dreaming as I do.

      I agree hopes and dreams can be seen as naive but I’ve always find realism a bit boring, if we didn’t dream then we’d never discover what we’re capable of.

      Those lyrics are spot on, I’ve never given The Smiths a listen but I think it’s time I did, thanks 😊

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