The Truth of Now

If we’re well and truly honest
There’s a truth we don’t allow
Creating history and futures
Only happens in the now
We can lament what has been lost
Or learn and move along
Spend a lifetime stuck in what could be
Or be right where we belong

The only starting point to anywhere
Is in the steps we take
Slowly inching onwards
full in life as we create.
Where we want to be
is a fiction we allow
Perpetually receding
We only have right now
But who knows where now will take us
as we focus on our steps
and trust the path we now embrace
to guide us to what’s next

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I love the future, and I can be tempted to spend a lot of time there. It’s a lovely place to be, but it will always and forever remain a fiction if I don’t embrace where I am today. There’s an incongruence between accepting where we are whilst working towards where we want to be, but I think I’m starting to get it.

The here and now IS life and sometimes there will be limited things that can be done to change it, but if we fully accept our circumstances we can look for the small changes we can make that will (over time), take us to where we imagine we want to be, or maybe it will take us somewhere completely different, I’m not sure it’s entirely up to us.

Either way, if we’re not present in our own lives, we can’t expect to influence its direction.

People look to time in expectation that it will eventually make them happy, but you cannot find true happiness by looking toward the future.

Eckhart Tolle

13 thoughts on “The Truth of Now

  1. If the future were a Rae,
    I’d look forward to every day
    If she were a past,
    I’d enjoy every moment
    While it lasts
    But Rae is today
    And that’s fine with me
    I just hang on every word
    Minute by minute
    And hourly

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  2. But why is focusing on now so hard ? The rare times I’m able to do it are such a it something programmed in us that we are hopeful tomorrow will be better ? It all makes sense to immerse ourselves in the here and now but I find it so bloody difficult….or by saying that am I making it a self fulfilling prophecy. Round and round in circles !!
    I love the Ode to Rae, you deserve a poem just for you x

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    • Thanks lovely you’re so kind 🙏😊

      I find staying in the now very difficult too, when I first experienced it everything seemed to flow really well & I was like ‘this is it I’m staying here’, but once I’d caught a glimpse my mind seems to make it even harder for me to get back there (or should I say get to now).

      That’s why I like writing so much, it immerses me in the present.

      I don’t know why we’re programmed like this but I think it’s the majority of the population, so at least we’re not alone 😂xxx


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