Questions without answers: exploring themes of longing and trust

I’m reading To Shake the Sleeping Self by Jedidiah Jenkins.  My friends bought it for my birthday; it’s about a guy who reaches his thirties and realises he hasn’t really lived, so he’s never really discovered much about himself.  He drops everything and leaves his comfort zone firmly in the rear view to bike from … Continue reading Questions without answers: exploring themes of longing and trust

Time to Play

It’s free to play So play away It costs nothing but your time What’s time When there’s so much to gain Rather yours than mine A trajectory that’s flattened A curve that never peaks A busy state of doing No space to think or speak A path that’s well mapped out by all who’ve trod … Continue reading Time to Play

The Truth of Now

If we’re well and truly honestThere’s a truth we don’t allowCreating history and futuresOnly happens in the nowWe can lament what has been lostOr learn and move alongSpend a lifetime stuck in what could beOr be right where we belongThe only starting point to anywhereIs in the steps we takeSlowly inching onwardsfull in life as … Continue reading The Truth of Now