The Goshawk Part 2

The goshawk bristled in anger
As she set down on a branch to rest
How dare they cast her out
All she’d done was try her best
To keep them safe from harm
And the dangers of this earth
Shame on them if they could not see
All that she was worth

Yet a sadness settled over her
Weighing heavy on her heart
She’d never felt so alone before
What should she do?
Where to start?

Now a wise old owl lived in this tree
And she could sense the hawks distress
Tell me your tale
she bade the bird
A problem shared can often weigh less

So the hawk told the owl of her forest
And the service that she performed
As she spread her daily news
Doing her duty to keep all informed

The wise owl listened closely
before hooting her reply
I see you had the best of intentions
But the living must live
or else they will die
In sowing seeds of fear
You created the problem you were trying to prevent
Decay finds fertile ground
On a bed of discontent

The truth in the words of the owl
Lifted a veil from the eyes of the hawk
She thanked her for easing her burden
Took flight with a triumphant squawk

A new purpose took hold of her soul
As she marvelled at beauty below and above
She would cast kernels of joy amongst the forest
Spreading words of light and of love

Should you visit those trees today
You’ll find the most bountiful space
A woodland balanced in harmony
A cycle of life moving at its own pace
And if you listen closely
You might hear the light and love of the goshawk’s song
Perhaps if her spirit captures you
you might even sing along

Thanks for joining me for part two of this tale.

What did you think?

I must admit I have a penchant for wise spirit guides in my rhyming stories. If you enjoyed this one try Happy Trails where a wise old snail is on hand with some sage advice.

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