Target Practice

For some reason I found it entertaining to read this week's offering out loud in the voice of an aristocratic Sergeant Major, perhaps with a surname like Ramsbottom de Pippington, or something equally grand sounding. It's not obligatory, but it is fun. The pigeon had a complex, one could argue rightly so His coos disdained … Continue reading Target Practice


Ash checked his watch.  He estimated he had five minutes until the next curfew patrol.  He turned his attention back to the wall.  A train rumbled on the bridge overhead, drowning out the sound of the spray cans as he worked.  His consciousness sank into the flow of the paint as the cans danced in … Continue reading Runaway


Katy’s eyes skimmed the leaflets pinned to the wood of the bus shelter as she waited to spot a likely target.   She felt out of her depth.  She hadn’t done this in years.  What if she messed up? But Scott was desperate.  So was she.  They needed this. He said it was best if she … Continue reading Bust