The winds of change

It creeps up without notice 
soft and stealthy on the breeze
A growing sense of discomfort
a burgeoning unease
You wonder how you got here
doing nothing but the same
Staying still won’t stave its coming
when you’re playing the long game

It announces its arrival
like a big slap in the face
Knocking you lopsided
when all was poise and grace
You can’t deny its presence
as you start to weigh the toll
Of shattered hopes and dreams
and all the time it stole

It leaps in with excitement
taking you for the ride
You can’t contain its energy
too bright to dim or hide
It glows from deep within you
announcing to the world
That something big is coming
a magic has unfurled

Most often it is slow
an incremental onward tread
You try your best to stay abreast
or keep one step ahead
Sometimes it brings the good things
and other times the bad
Sometimes we look to what might be
at others to what we had

One thing is for certain
change comes to us all
But it can help to remember
we’re never truly in control
The winds of change will guide us
in directions once unknown
The trick is trusting in the breeze
no matter where we’re blown.
Image by Mitch Kesler on Pexels

I wrote this poem for my poetry group for a theme of ‘change.’

It’s 4.20am as I publish it from a wind swept cabin in the middle of the woods.

I wonder where the winds of change are blowing me.

44 thoughts on “The winds of change

    • Thanks Mandy.

      It is very hard, especially when we’re being blown in a direction we don’t want to go and feel powerless to change course.

      I think certainty is an illusion though. We convince ourselves we have it, but there’s so much in life beyond our control.

      For me, when I’m blown the wrong way, it helps to trust that everything happens for a reason.

      Change what can be changed, learn what can be learned, but try not to spend energy worrying about things beyond my control (easier said than done).

      For me, I find the worry/uncertainty doesn’t go away, but I’m getting quicker at processing it and finding that place of trust. x


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