A Dragonfly’s Legacy

It’s not Sunday, but it’s still rhyme time. True to my word from last week, I’m turning my focus more towards the poetry I love writing. I’m not sure how long this season will last, I only know that it’s time to turn away from introspection for a while and focus on the joy of writing words that make me smile (well, they make me smile when I’ve finished writing them, the actual process of writing can make me look like a constipated hamster, as I try to coax the right word from the ether using all my earthly wiles).

I may have mentioned this before, but my poetry does not read well on small screens. The WordPress reader seems to find it necessary to butcher words and sentences indiscriminately so that they fit on a tiny screen. So if you have time, load up your laptop and if not you can find me on Instagram, where I also post my poems in a slightly less butchered form.

On with the show, there’s a dragonfly with a legacy waiting to be told…

Young nymphs hopped about on the lily pad, playing and having fun
Except for the nymph in our story, she sat apart in a party of one
Come join us!  Called the others, but she looked the other way
She was busy trying to shed her skin, she had no time for play

By the time she’d reached ten cycles, she was miles ahead of the rest
She’d be first in her year to gain her wings, she’d prove that she was the best
Her focus was single-minded, no time for distraction or sport
When the teen nymphs called, come hang with us!  No thank you was her retort

At the end of fourteen cycles, she had mastered the art of the shed
Bored by the brown of her current form, she longed for what lay ahead
For the vibrancy and the excitement, that came in the next stage of life
She would leave behind this stagnant pond, disdain for her peers run rife

The nymph hunkered down on the blade of grass, sensing her fate was close
It was time to evolve to the state of being that the nymph had longed for most
She shed her skin for the final time, her transcendence was unsurpassed
Emerging in colours of yellow and blue, she spread her wings at last

She hovered in all her glory, danced a display of beauty and grace
Victorious and triumphant, at last she had won the race
She looked down at the nymphs on the lily-pad, perplexed at their lack of concern
Why did they sit so content in their form when there were dragon wings to earn?

She alighted onto a nearby stem, soon joined by an elder now fading away
Why so forlorn, you have been reborn, is that not reason for joy today?
You have only five days, maybe sixty, to make the most of your wings now bestowed
I have been in this form for fifty-two days,  I am close to the end of this road

Days? She exclaimed.  I had years as a nymph, I’ve worked hard for this form without end
Missed the parties, the downtime, the long days of fun…I never even had a friend
A rookie mistake, said the old dragonfly, one I made at my first turn on earth
It’s tempting to focus on outcome, but journey is the true thing of worth

It is fate that has brought us together like this, your mission carries on from mine
There is joy to be found in each phase of life, there is awe in each moment of time
Spread word to our kind of all you have learned, now I must bid you goodbye
He flew from the stem and she never again crossed paths with the old dragonfly 

But she took her mission to heart, newfound purpose burning strong and bright
She urged the nymphs to savour each form found upon their path to flight
She lived longer than any dragonfly, recorded in history
Her teachings passed down in ponds all around, a spiritual legacy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the show. If you’re new here why not click on the poetry menu in the sidebar to read more of my scribblings? You can enter your email to receive notifications every time I post and click the Instagram and Twitter icons to follow me on social media.

8 thoughts on “A Dragonfly’s Legacy

    • Glad it made you smile lovely 😊

      It was inspired by a dragonfly I saw with my daughter at a pond. As we were talking about them I noticed an informational sign telling us all about the life cycle of a dragonfly, which was strange because we walk past the sign every week & had never taken the time to notice what it said, until the exact moment we were having a conversation about dragonflies!

      I love how the universe works.


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