Wild and Free

If I was free to live a life, divorced from acculturation
I like to imagine how things would be, as a sovereign one-woman nation
If I could follow the pull of my heart, without fear of sticking out
What adaptations would fall away?  What unwritten rules would I flout?

The first to go would be the bra, I’d let my baps swing free
Toss them over my shoulder as I got older, or let them rest on my knee
Hold them close as I run, talk nice to each one, no matter their size or gait
Let my nipples stand proud, out in the crowd, even when I’m aged ninety and eight

And don’t get me started on hair removal from armpits, stubble would reign supreme
I’d lift weights without worry of underarm furry, cavewoman confident, living the dream
The hair on my legs would glow bronze in the sun, equalled only by the hue of my bush
When allowed to return to its natural glory, it rivals the fluff of a Lhasa Apso’s tush

Let one rip at the spa, order tea at the bar, dine out in pyjamas and socks
I’d pluck up the courage, to see what the fuss is, about the bright footwear called crocs
Let birds’ nest in my hair, openly stare, at the lover’s tiff in the centre of town
Skip town the street, in my stocking feet, wear a frown on days when I’m down
Resist the urge to smile inanely, for fear ill intent might be implied
I’d care not one jot if people liked me or not, my soul would be my guide

In response to the cultures you have to, I would ask them to show me the law
That says I must eat with a knife and fork, not slurp spaghetti straight from the floor
In reply to the calls of uncivilised, I’d beg the powers that be tell me pray
How civilised is it that hunger exists, when there’s money to take it away?

I would build my very own Hogwarts, bring forth the magic in each living soul
Each person could feel the light and the love, fill their heart until it is whole 
Connection would be our currency, in this new land of the free
Each child would know the answer: when I grow up I want to be me.

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21 thoughts on “Wild and Free

  1. This was an unexpected journey. Yes, who says you have to follow the norms of society and follow all the other sheep?

    Baa baa……

    Who says I have to spell
    Baa lamb with two ays?
    When one a is sufficient
    One a is OK

    We of the Grammar Board say so. You must follow our Dictionary of Words Bible……….

    Go jump……..

    Liked by 1 person

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