An Unexpected Gift

My daughter was telling me about a book she and a friend found at the bus shelter today:

“It was beautiful, it had gold writing on the cover…it doesn’t look like the kind of book someone would just have left.”

They didn’t pick it up, thinking someone must have forgotten it and would surely return to collect such a lovely book.

As we walked home from our shift at the village shop, we chatted about the kind of book we might create.

I’ve been writing rhyming poetry for a while now, and I had the idea that I would like to make some of my rhymes into a children’s book and have my daughter illustrate it.

I told her about all the animals and insects that feature in my stories and we chatted about how we might create a book together.

As we passed the bus stop, my daughter noticed the book she was telling me about was still there.

We crossed the road to take a closer look.

It was indeed a beautiful book, propped up invitingly, almost waiting for us.

Something made me reach out and pick it up. I opened the front cover, maybe to check if the name of the owner was inscribed there.

It was…the inscription read,

‘Hello, if you find this book – it’s for you

Love Charlie.’

Charlie has given me and my daughter three gifts today: a beautiful book, the joy and excitement that comes with the unexpected, and the inspiration to follow our dreams.

Thank you Charlie Mackesy, wherever you are, this little bit of magic has made our day.

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