The Lion and the Sheep

The lion ruled the sheep for protection, from the wolves that prowled the land

The flock was guarded by the king of the beasts, he had a fearsome roar and

An impressive mane, extra sharp teeth, muscles that rippled when he walked

The wolf pack would not dare attack, thought the sheep, as long as their lion stalked

The lion for his part, played the role well, and for a while kept the wolves at bay

But the wolf pack grew hungry and ever more cunning, closer and closer they strayed

Confident in his fearsomeness, the lion blustered and postured and roared

But the wolves kept advancing, low to the ground, almost at the invisible door

Soon sheep began to go missing, in the dead of night when all was still

One here and there, then more disappeared, the numbers increasing until

The sheep confronted the lion: it is your duty to keep us safe!

But our numbers are steadily dwindling, the whole flock feels unsafe

The lion’s chest swelled with indignation, as he told the sheep with certainty

If any are missing they left by choice, the wolves would not dare come past me

You can trust in my strength to protect you, each sheep is safe whilst I am here

With the might of a lion amongst you, none but the wolves have reason to fear

Despite their misgivings the flock, continued to trust that all would be well

But as their numbers dwindled, so their unease became hard to dispel

Whispers began to spread through the sheep, that over time coalesced in a plan

Slowly but surely, with a sense of purpose and unity, a move to higher ground began

The lion scoffed at the sheep as they took up position, at the top of a wind battered hill

You sheep have gone crazy! A hill is no safety, the wolves will kill you and eat their fill!

The sheep thanked the lion for his concern, but told him they would take charge from here

They offered him shelter, for in their midst they assured him he would have nothing to fear

Blinded by pride, the lion refused, faced the gathering wolves with a ROAR!

The wolfpack snarled back and began their attack, scared of the lion no more

Paws over eyes, to hide his surprise, the lion flattened himself to the floor

The wolves paid him no mind, eyes on the prize, certain of victory in this war

As the wolves came charging, the sea of sheep parted, revealing to the pack too late

The cliff-edge their bodies had been concealing, the racing wolves plunged to their fate!

Dignified in their triumph, the flock returned to the business of grazing once more

They might look like sheep from a distance, but the strength of ten lions burned at their core

And what of the lion? Now humbled, he continued to live amongst the sheep

He felt safer when they were around him, the power of the flock guarding his sleep

They worked together and trusted each other, on an equal footing like never before

For the lion had learned, that sheep being sheep together had the mightiest roar

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