Katy’s eyes skimmed the leaflets pinned to the wood of the bus shelter as she waited to spot a likely target.  

She felt out of her depth.  She hadn’t done this in years.  What if she messed up? But Scott was desperate.  So was she.  They needed this.

He said it was best if she did it. Her small face and skinny frame meant she looked much younger than her years.  He said the baby bump would help; that it made her look like even more of a pushover.  Not like him, with his scars.  It had to be her.

Her eyes skimmed a poster of another missing kid and her arms tightened around her belly.  She hardened her resolve. She had no choice. 

She could feel eyes on her from all around, but when she looked up the only person she could see was an older lady walking towards her. 

Katy straightened, heart hammering.  This looked promising.  She turned on the waterworks.

‘Hey ducky, what’s all this?’ said the lady, as she sat down next to Katy. ‘It can’t be as bad as all that.’

‘Sorry, I’ll be fine’ spluttered Katy, turning to look at the woman. Early 60’s with a warm demeanour, she had a distinctive birth mark under her right eye.  She was a good match for Scott’s profile.  Get on with it, Katy thought.

‘It’s just…my Dad, he kicked me out.’ she sniffled, gesturing to the backpack at her feet. 

‘There now.’ said the lady, and Katy winced as she patted her arm consolingly.  ‘Look, I don’t live far away, come back to mine for a cuppa and we can sort this out together.  I’m Pam, by the way.’

Katy studied her for a moment, weighing up possible scenarios in her head. She was stronger, even with the bump in the way, of that she was certain. ‘Ok, yeah,’ she said with a weak smile, ‘a cuppa would be nice.’ 

‘I’ll just message my friend,’ said Pam, ‘tell her I can’t meet her up town after all.’

‘Thanks.’ said Katy with her most angelic smile.  She bent down and gathered her things, nosing at the text the woman was sending from the corner of her eye;

Got one with a bun in the oven.  Get the van ready.

That was all the confirmation she needed.

‘Go, Go, Go!’ Katy shouted.

Pam jumped up and turned to run, but Katy was one step ahead.  She grabbed her arms and cuffed her in a fluid movement.  ‘You’re under arrest for attempted abduction and suspected human trafficking…’

‘This is entrapment!’ Pam screamed, as unmarked police cars screeched to a stop around them, Officer’s piling out.  The number fifteen arrived a couple of seconds later, the passengers gawking through the windows.

An Officer with a scarred face clapped Katy on the back, ‘Well done Boss, you did it.’

We did it DI Scott,’ replied Katy with a triumphant grin, ‘now get this bloody prosthetic off me, it itches like crazy.’

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