Bird’s Eye View

The red breasted Robin was brazen 
in her people watching ways
Studying them with fascination
often watching one for days
She held a theory about people
kept close to her red breast
But the time had come to journey
put her hypothesis to test

She traversed the world by magnetism
was floored by what she found
Tribes and factions, hostile reactions, polarisation all around
Yet her birds eye view gave perspective which the humans could not see
Light and love connecting Earth to each soul
if they could see this how would things be?

She waited years for her answer
keeping busy to help her cope
The world perched on the edge of disaster so long
she had almost given up hope
Just when it seemed all was lost
the balance began to tip
Hearts opened up to the joy of the Earth,
Feeling the wonder of all its gifts

Generosity stole across the land
as people shared what they once saw as theirs
Abundance abounded when technology was harnessed
not for profit but because people cared
When power and money were no longer the why
scales on eyes began to slip
The humans let go of their need for control
relinquished the power held tight in their grip
The people of Earth felt the beauty of giving
that had been in their hearts all along
They began to sing from a different sheet
A softly strong and harmonious song

When the people of Earth stopped striving
and grasping for more and more
They saw the wealth they had in the Earth and each other
hidden by greed and fear before
The transformation of people healed the hurts inside
that had once scarred their hearts and their minds
Exploitation and power faded from memory
These humans the same but a different kind

The red breasted Robin was brazen
in her people watching ways
Studying them with fascination
often watching one for days
She traversed the world by magnetism and was awed by what she found
Peace in all nations, healed relations
a respect for being that knew no bounds
A world healed by love and reverence, connection and gratitude burning bright at its core
A people who trusted the Earth and each other
need never ask for more.

A robin visited me and my daughter on a walk the other day and we kept each other’s company for a good few minutes. I felt like it was marvelling in us just as much as we were in it. These are the moments to hold on to.

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This little guy came to see me just after I posted this blog. What are the chances?!

5 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye View

  1. These are the moments to hold on to.

    I agree. I enjoyed your poem, realistic and optimistic in equal parts. The robins around here are nosy little birds, often in the spring staring through the windows into our house. Not surprised one befriended you on your walk.

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    • Thanks Ally, I sometimes think I’m too much of a dreamer but it’s good to have optimistic dreams 😊

      I love robins so much but have never seen one so friendly until that day.

      In a lovely bit of synchronicity, straight after I posted this poem one landed right on the windowsill outside my window.

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  2. What a lovely poem of infectious optimism. My husband regularly has a robin join him when he is gardening. The robin just follows him around when he is digging, waiting for a free meal. He’s no more than 2 feet away from him patiently sharing the space. A lovely example of man and nature connecting. X

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    • So beautiful, I can picture it ❤️
      I could never see the appeal of gardening before, but I’m getting it now; it’s a reason to be outside and connect with the great outdoors. I imagine it’s quite therapeutic.
      I keep seeing robins every where this past week and I’m taking their visits as a sign from the Universe that all is well xxx


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