Down to the Wire

Two birds on a wire 
One inflamed with desire
but persists all the same
As the male starts his dance
With the sniff of a chance
Committed to playing the game

He coos and he cuddles
Snuggles and nuzzles
The warmth of his love
knows no bounds
She was close to won over
and let him move closer
he sensed victory
as he began to gain ground

Worn down by his act
Her cool facade cracked
Giving in
to their wanton desire
He hopped on aboard
Where he claimed his reward
Mere seconds
were all he required

When the deed was done
and he’d had his fun
he flinched
when she reached out for more
As she drew close to caress
he found he couldn’t care less
and flew in search of the next
goal to score

One bird on a wire
Mired in ire
Wondering just where
she went wrong
Not knowing young males
are blazing their trails
Led by the pull
of their ding dong.
Rafael Rodrigues Machado on Unsplash

A couple of months ago I was watching some courting pigeons on a wire. The story played out much like some of the romances of my younger days, but I’m probably being a bit unfair to the pigeons – apparently they tend to mate for life. Maybe he was just having an off day.

11 thoughts on “Down to the Wire

      • I’m the same and it’s interesting you should say that as I’m doing a course at the moment for people who want to create in a new genre called ‘thrutopia.’

        The idea is that we need more narratives of how we get from here to the world we want to live in, rather than the current heroic or dystopian narratives out there.

        Perhaps if we can practice imagining a brighter future instead of the world going to hell in a hand cart then we can put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) to help us get there.

        Your writing certainly inspires me so maybe we’re already part of a positive narrative.

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      • The heroic annoys me, cheap fantasies for adults who want an interventionist power, ignores the real heroes in our streets and homes. We sure need that new way, I’m intrigued by that term thrutopia. And thank you Rae.


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