A Different View

I’m listing to the left 
But I’m sure I’ll be alright
Drifting in loose circles
Holding tight to stay upright

If I tilt my head near sideways
It almost feels okay
Perhaps the best solution
Is to stay like this all day

But the room spins ever faster
As my anchor falls away
I close my eyes to stop the madness
Imagine my dismay

To find I’m spinning in the darkness
No control, adrift, bereft
The world’s moved on its axis
Left me well and truly effed

There’s no holding what is up
When what is up goes down
It’s hard to keep things steady
When the storm spins round and round

The constant motion is exhausting
When I can take no more
I plant my feet upon the ceiling
Which then becomes the floor

The view at first feels different
To some it’s always looked this way
Next time the world starts spinning
I’ll trust more as I float away

Thanks for joining me for another Sunday rhyme time. Whilst much of this poem is metaphorical, my world really is listing to the left at the moment, particularly when planking or when I move too quickly. It’s possibly due to a worsening astigmatism in my left eye, I await new glasses & contact lenses to hopefully solve the problem.

8 thoughts on “A Different View

  1. There’s a delicious rhythm to your lines; though I don’t know a lot about poetry.

    I’ve had astigmatism all my life, it’s not good when I look up at the stars, I see two stars where there is only one. I think it’s funny there’s no up or down out in the universe and we’re all planted feet first to spherical planets by gravity, but neither up nor down.

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    • Thanks Ian, I don’t know a lot about poetry either, I just write what feels right.

      If we’re looking on the silver lining you see twice as many stars as most people.

      It is funny when you put it like that, I like how how you see thing 😊


    • Hi Ally, I haven’t either! I’m not 100% certain, the optician did say people aren’t usually so sensitive to changes but it can happen…if it’s not that then perhaps it’s the tail end of a virus, either way it’s an odd feeling & I hope it resolves itself soon!

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    • Thank you so much 😊 You’re very kind.

      I follow a person on Instagram (ashmi.path) who writes that we’re all shifting in a similar direction, like waves on an ocean, ebbing and flowing as our own internal changes ripple outwards, which explains why so many people feel similar feelings at similar times, it may be right or it may be wrong but it feels right to me.

      I’m starting to feel like my feet are meeting steadier ground now, hopefully you will soon too🤞


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