Fox Finds Enough

The fox lived life in a gilded cage
Comforts, riches, all he desired
Yet he prowled, forever restless
no matter how many kits he sired
No matter how many vixens loved him
he couldn’t give love in return
No matter how much prey he brought to the den
there was always more to earn

The chase was never ending
Each kill satiated less and less
The void within grew bleaker
Melancholy stole away his rest
Fight and flight perpetuated
A circle that never decreased
The answer seemed far beyond him
Even the question was out of reach

Caught in a current of more of the same
Numb to the pain, but also the joy
A whisper within grew stronger
A knowing he'd sought to avoid
Let go it commanded, so certain
as truth spread to the fox's heart
Lay down all your tightly clutched burdens
An end is the best place to start

When his heart had bloomed brightly open
the fox was freed from his self-made trap
Small steps at first that broke to a run
Instead of taking, he began to give back
When he gave up holding so tightly
to all that he thought he possessed,
he found all that he truly needed:

Just enough.
No more and no less.

Photo by Alex Andrews on

I posted this rhyme last Sunday but it seems to have unposted itself so it’s back for round two.

Thank you for joining me for another Sunday rhyme time. I was lucky enough to see a fox in my garden once in the half light of dawn, I didn’t have my glasses on so I wondered what manner of creature was visiting me, until I was able to focus my tired eyes. We stared at each other for a few long moments before it felt safe enough to continue its journey, a little bit of ordinary magic woven into my day.

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8 thoughts on “Fox Finds Enough

    • Thank you, that’s very kind 😊 I think it’s because I don’t think about it being a big open space 🤣
      When I started writing only my family & and a few close friends read anything I posted! Then I just kept going!


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