Bob and Frog

Frog played in the water bowl
splashing merrily
The heat was here 
but he had found
the perfect place to be

Backstroke and the breaststroke
water fountains flying free
no fear of drought
for he wouldn’t crisp out
here in the perfect place to be

Though the bowl was unattended
someone should have told dear frog
this bowl was no frog paddling pool
but belonged to Bob the dog

Now Bob was getting thirsty
Frog was in for a big surprise
Bob went to take a drink
Bob and frog locked eyes

If Bob had been a hunting dog
This could’ve spelled the end
But luckily for Frog
All Bob saw was a new friend

They hit it off near straight away
And spent all summer long
Laughing and sharing stories
Of what went well
 and what went wrong

This unlikeliest of friendships
continued happily
Here in each other’s company
Bob and Frog
Had found the perfect place to be
image by Roderick Sia on Unsplash.

There was a frog in my dog’s water bowl on a recent trip to the Lake District, things wouldn’t have ended so well for this frog. Luckily he was found and moved to safety before my dog got thirsty.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday rhyme time. I’ve found myself needing to laugh this week and have just ordered Michael Rosen’s Book of Nonsense to aid in my hilarity. I’m kidding myself it’s to read to my son, but it’s for me really. I love silly poems and I’d like to write more of them. I’ve been feeling a bit too serious lately and that’s usually my cue to seek out some laughter and let my inner child out to play.

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