Break the Spell

The vibes are flowing gently
Gong beats sing sweet in the air
The colour of pure abounds
Hope hangs in silent prayer
Hands join in expectation
Bodies ache to let go of the fight
Surely this must bring salvation
An end to the long dark night

Fingers grasp beneath the surface
Scrabbling for something to turn the tide
The growing realisation
That there’s nowhere left to hide
But the pattern repeats exponential
The needle wears thin in the groove
The road to the peak gilded by boasts 
of those who have something to prove

The cycle won’t break in the circus
The power won’t change from the top
Each cog that turns the wheel
Feels the way to make it stop
There’s weight to be found in the softness
There’s substance that lives in the gift
Words won’t be needed to lead to the space
Where our hearts know they’re needed to shift

The stage is set.
The acts are ready.
We know our lines.
We’ve rehearsed it well.
All that’s left is to let go of all that you know
Trust to spirit
We can break the spell.

Photo by Kelvin Valerio on

Another Monday rhyme time, those Sunday’s just keep slipping away. The muse is proving elusive of late and it’s making me late! Though perhaps I’ll take a leaf from Gandalf’s book and say that I’m never late or early, but post exactly when I mean to. Hope you enjoyed this week’s offering. If you’re new here then please feel free to explore the rest of my blog and subscribe if you like what you see. You can also follow me on Instagram.

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