The Mouse and the Puppy

The mouse sat out in the open
Shivering without a care
Numb to the world around her
Lost in a well of despair
Indifferent to the dangers
Oblivious to the delights
Spark tamped down
To a muted brown
Darkness infusing the light

For days and nights she stayed there
Waiting only for the end to arrive
Time ticked along as she shivered on
Her only thought was to not be alive

But the universe has a habit
Of giving what we don’t know we need
As the mouse was about to discover
When that thing arrived at tremendous speed

A bundle of fluff on four legs
hurtling around the field
Panting and yapping
Padded paws slapping
Joy unbounded and unconcealed

It bowled her over into the hedgerow
Snuffled and truffled her soft silky skin
Her surprise turned to anger
Who dared to disturb her?!
And all at once, she could feel again

The shock and the indignity
Gave way to tears that were long held inside
When the drops had all fled
A load had been shed
The mouse saw the world through new eyes
Noticed the sunlight sparkle the dew
The shadows long in the morning light
Heard the comforting call
Of birds at their squall
Felt a spark deep inside her ignite

The fluff ball sat there waiting
Head cocked to the side with curiosity
Sorry small mouse
If it hurt when I pounced
Would you like to play with me?
This world is so exciting
So much to discover and see
But it would be even more fun
If I had a friend to share it with me

So the pup taught the mouse how to play
And they played every chance that they had
This most unlikely of beautiful friendships
Helped lift the mouse when she felt sad
Reminded her of the fun and the joy
To be found on this big wide earth
With the help of her friend the puppy
The mouse rediscovered her mirth.
Image by Joe Caione on Unsplash

I’ve had the mouse at the back of my mind for a while but I wasn’t sure which direction her story was going to take. When I was walking to collect my son from school the other day there was a mouse shivering in the middle of the lane. As gently as I could I encouraged it into the hedgerow. Five minutes later when I returned with my son it was there again. Again we encouraged it back into the hedgerow. I popped out ten minutes later to check and there it was again. For a third time I encouraged it to safety. I haven’t seen the little mouse again, except in my imagination.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday rhyme time. If you know anyone who’d enjoy my blog please feel free to share it around. You can also connect with me on Instagram and my Facebook page.

19 thoughts on “The Mouse and the Puppy

    • They’re so lovely…their enthusiasm for life does wonders for your feel good factor, if you don’t want to invest in one there’s always borrow my doggy where, my friend looks after a dog part time through that site and she loves it xx


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