Bake Off

Four and twenty blackbirds were baked into a pie
But one escaped this wicked fate and soared into the sky
Felt freedom touch her wingtips in the rushing of the air
Four and twenty heartaches tinged her lightness with despair
Time passed by and she became exhausted by her grief
Made a resolute decision to seek some sweet relief
Enrolled in college
Studied hard
Until she was the best
A world class master baker
A fabled pastry chef
Her piece de resistance was loved by blackbirds far and wide
Four and twenty bakers, all baked into a pie
Photo by Jozef Fehu00e9r on

How did you find this week’s Sunday rhyme time? It’s often deep and meaningful on a Sunday, but every now and then the muse gets a little more playful, if a little macabre. This one was inspired by a blackbird I saw having a bath in a puddle, and of course by a nursery rhyme (gruesome things that they are).

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4 thoughts on “Bake Off

  1. Glad the blackbird fought back. Had to sing it to the nursery rhyme tune … works. Yes, aren’t nursery rhymes gruesome,although their history is really interesting. I think I’ll use your version in future, it’s brilliant.

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