What if?

The feeling is subliminal
Pervasive in the minimal
Worming in
Squirming in
to the spaces we can’t see it all

A broken record sings its song
But it’s played its tune for far too long
Crying wolf
Crying wolf
The mangled tune plays on and on

Conscripted to the ranks
of this invisible war
Platitudes and thanks
can’t wipe the blood from off the floor

Control is an illusion
a comfort blanket in the grip
The cracks spread far and wide as the facade begins to slip
Surviving or alive again
the choice is ours every day
The only certainty of risk is that it never goes away

There’s magic in the mystery
of sunlight warming skin
Rain’s caress of fingertips
Smiles blooming from within
Curiosity was the greatest gift 
bestowed upon the cat
Nine lives filled with living
What if we tried it like that?

Photo by M Venter on Pexels.com

I’ve realised lately how much of a role fear has been playing in my life. Not the terror that comes from a heart stopping moment, more of a tune that’s faded into the background and my ears pick up on from time to time.

As a recovering worrier, I think it’s always been present in the background of my life in one form or another. I’m learning (slowly and with frequent reminders) that rather than something to rid myself of, fear is an omnipresent aspect of the human condition. The destination I’ve been working towards where I’m no longer scared doesn’t exist, rather fear is something I’m going to have to make peace with, as oxymoronic as that sounds. As the adage goes, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

In some instances, fear can be a good indicator of a route that might be fulfilling to take. Any change in life comes with a fear of the unknown, but sometimes this kind of fear is tinged with excitement, and a failure to follow a path that excites us can lead to feelings of loss, bitterness or resentment.

If I came face to face with a lion in my path, even if my fear is tinged with a little excitement, I’d still probably climb the nearest tree; survival is a key point to consider in many situations. But would I avoid a trip to an exotic destination? Would I say no to climbing a high mountain? No to sharing my poetry in a group? All of these things bring some level of worry and anxiety, yet the sense of light and fulfilment they bring is so much greater.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek

Joseph Campbell
Photo by Hans van der Lubbe on Pexels.com

But maybe find another cave if there’s a lion in it.

I seem to have melded a blog post and a poem this week, but it felt right. If this post connected with you why not take a moment to explore the blog? You can also follow me on Instagram. I’ve given up on Twitter, it just doesn’t allow enough words for me.

8 thoughts on “What if?

  1. As always I love your poetry, and your reflections. I read recently that nervousness and excitement often feel very similar in the body. They suggested interpreting that sensation as “I’m feeling excited about this” as opposed to “I’m feeling so nervous about this”. That interpretation may help us shift our perspective internally too. It can encourage us to approach, as opposed to avoid, whatever it is we truly do want to give a shot.

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  2. Enjoyed your poem and love your reflections. I have overcome the fear of performing in my choir by rephrasing my self talk from “ I’m really nervous” to “this is so exciting and going to be a lot of fun “. It works ! x

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    • Thanks lovely Mandy.
      It’s great to hear that transforming nervousness to excitement works to get you singing your heart out ❤️ I love that your choir brings you so much enjoyment x


  3. A lovely write, Rae. You are spot on about fear, it’s part of the human experience, yet we can learn to be with it, instead of being afraid of it. I love this, “Control is an illusion
    a comfort blanket in the grip
    The cracks spread far and wide as the facade begins to slip” Is wonderful. ✨🌻💫

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    • So true. I think the same thing of many of our emotions, but allowing feelings we instinctively push away can be hard, though I guess this is all part of the journey!
      Thanks so much for your lovely words Jeff, really glad you enjoyed the poem. Your writing resonates with me so much, so it’s nice to hear I can return the favour 😊

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      • Oh, yes, this is so true. In many ways, many of us are socialized to push them away, so allowing them, even accepting them is hard, especially at first. Oh, yes, it’s part of the journey!

        Aww, that’s so kind; thank you so much, Rae. Your writing resonates with me too. Have a wonderful coming week! ☺️

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