Pothole Man

Sometimes he digs a hole
Sometimes he fills it in
Sometimes he mends the cracks
that creep unseen til the road caves in
Iike any well versed fixer you don’t notice he’s been there
but the ground feels a little less bumpy beneath his maintenance and care
Some say he isn’t real if you can’t see him at his work
Some feel him in the steps they take upon this patchwork Earth
Some search a lifetime for the answer but never dream it could be him
Until the path runs out and there he is:
calloused, unassuming, welcoming.
Image by Liam Riby on Unsplash

Happy New Year everyone (you tired of hearing that yet?)

It was good to take a break but it’s even better to back. I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday rhyme time offering.

Check back with me on Wednesday when I’m blogging about my arch nemesis, overthinking.

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