The Black Hole, The Earth and The Spirited Kids

The Black Hole gaped in the ether, maw stretched open wide
sucking the Earth towards its depths with a hunger unsatisfied
the people below ran screaming, but there was nowhere they could hide
even NASA couldn’t solve this one, though all its best scientists tried

But there was a school hidden in the valleys, nestled between green hills
where kids of spiritual intelligence, had spent years honing all their skills
of one-ness with the Universe and the unified field that connects us all
the Earth, the stars, the whole of all things in creation, great and small

The children joined hands at the top of the hill and opened their souls towards the sky
communed with the depths of the deep dark hole, filling it with reasons why
it shouldn’t eat the Earth today, for its inhabitants had work to do
to grow in peace and love, understand the nature of what was true

If you eat the Earth today, they cried, our struggles will have been for nought
we are young and have much to learn, but us kids are proof we can be taught
to open our hearts and our minds to the wonder and the mystery that is life
give us more time and we can move beyond this world that’s filled with fear and strife

The Black Hole was definitely a sucker, of that there was no doubt
for a story of transformation, where the truth would surely out

It changed gears upon its gravity, throwing its pull into reverse
the Earth shot to another galaxy, but really it could have been worse
for its people had expanded their reality, left their arrogance in the milky way
thanks to that school of Spirited kids, human beings lived to make peace another day.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday rhyme time. This rhyming story was written in response to a prompt from my daughter, who asked me to write a story involving a black hole, the Earth and a school. A naysaying voice in my head told me I would never do it, so of course I had to prove myself wrong (bog off Brian).

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2 thoughts on “The Black Hole, The Earth and The Spirited Kids

  1. She was right to task you with those requests. Our children and grandchildren hold the future of the earth in their hands. Well written Rae x

    Liked by 1 person

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