What if?

The fawn turned to the doe, eyes deep with fret and fright
What if the worst should happen, what if it’s not alright
The doe pulled her fawn close and whispered, the wisdom of her years
Though she knew it was beyond her power, to vanquish all her fears

The only thing that’s certain is no one makes it out alive
What matters is what you do with your time before the day you die
To live in fear of what might be when it may never come to pass
Is as futile as living with reckless abandon, treating every day as your last

A balance must be struck to make the most of your time here
Embrace each day as it arrives but plan for each wonderful year
Open your heart to the world around you, though this path will hurt the most
Yet to close it would give you a half-life, akin to the drifting of a ghost

We are here to feel it all pain, betrayal, loss and despair
Excitement, awe and love, the warmth of another who cares
It is you who gets to choose how you live each day upon this earth
Even death cannot steal the light inside, burning brightly with all you are worth

The young fawn carried her mother’s words as she drifted off to sleep
Dreamt of all that she might lose and all that she might keep
In the deepest depths of her soul made the choice to live from a place of love
What if darkness was her teacher on the path to a life she could dream of?

Photo by Luca Dross on Pexels.com

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday rhyme time. This poem was inspired by a beautiful deer, who ran out in front of my car on a quiet country lane. I was able to stop safely and watch it skip on its way to an adjacent field. I do love nature’s pick me ups, that was some everyday magic right there.

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6 thoughts on “What if?

  1. Enjoyed this very much Rae. I like the unexpected twist at the end, unless that’s just how I perceived it.I was in “Bambi” mode, all hearts and flowers, until the possibility of the fawn following a dark route was introduced. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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