Carry On Crow

The crow sat still as stone, bathed in silver light
Taking in the stillness and the quiet of the night
She used to know a time, when solitude held sway
But her world had moved on to a different song, life got in the way

Every now and then, when it had almost got too much
Something deep inside would call to her, wake her with its touch
She’d leave the nest by pale moonlight and see the world anew
Wrapped in grey and silence, the peace within her grew

Away from the din of the daytime, from the chatter, the squabbles, the rush
Her mind sank down into her heart, that soothing void of hush
Recharged, restored, renewed, she returned to her young in the nest
Love bringing her back to centre, now she'd found the time to rest

Photo by Freddie Ramm on

This is a verse for the mothers. How often do you take the time to rest?

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5 thoughts on “Carry On Crow

    • Thanks Mandy. I find unfocused rest the hardest, I can meditate fine, read at bedtime or watch a movie with the other half, but give me an evening of free time to myself and I’ll be so overwhelmed I’ll waste most of it trying to decide what to do 😂xx


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