The caterpillar could see the future, her world looked fresh and bright

Heart full to the brim with optimism, dreams within her sights

Possibility thick in the air, cocooned in a world that welcomes and warms

Soon to break free of the chrysalis, ready to spread her wings transformed 

But tomorrow arrived on waves of doubt, the world painted in shades of grey

Heart heavy with qualms and foreboding, dreams obscured and drifting away 

The fog of fear grew dense, cocooned in the only safe place from the storm

She wasn’t ready to change just yet, fought the growing urge to transform

Cocooned with two separate voices, one dreaming of freedom and hope and one trapped

If you leave, the naysayer told her, there’s no way we can ever come back

But don’t you want to know? Asked the other, what waits for us outside?

It could be wonderful, the dreamer marvelled, or disaster, the naysayer replied

We could be eaten or squashed, get sick or get hurt, the naysayer piped up in fright

We could explore, meet the wind, make new friends said the dreamer, live out our days in delight

Change will come whether we like it or not, we cannot pass through this life unscathed 

Break free and dare to live, or wither in imagined safety, alone and afraid

Eventually the fear of staying still, grew too much for her to bear

Longing enveloped her dread, she would greet the world as it was out there

Slowly at first then all at once, she emerged from her bonds, stretched her wings out wide

Her awe at the delicate strength that she felt, united the dissenting voices inside

On sun-soaked wings of power, she fluttered upwards towards the sky

Marvelled at the beauty of the world, seen from below and now from up high

She joined her brethren in a dancing kaleidoscope, patterns and colours in every hue

Not knowing what this new life would bring her, but certain her soul would remember this view
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17 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Very good Rae….I took it referring to people struggling with two opposing voices

    ‘Cocooned with two separate voices, one dreaming of freedom and hope and one trapped’ Excellent line Rae…..

    And yes, rhyming is very satisfying. Challenging to get a good one which you would know about……

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 😊

      I often feel like there are at least two people trapped in my head, but I reason that most people (especially writers) must feel like that?

      I sometimes think I should be branching out into poetry that doesn’t rhyme, but the other me tells myself to stop worrying about it 😂


      • You will notice that most of my work is in rhyme. It’s just the natural message-carrier I’ve been using for a long time and feel comfortable with.

        Occasionally I’ll use prose but I’m not good at writing poetic prose.

        Do what you like best, After all we basically write for ourselves. Yes? Trying doing something different for a change, get out of your comfort zone if you want. But you write good rhyme and as said writing good rhyme is a challenge. Anyone can write rhyme. Writing good rhyme is not easy. That’s why you don’t see much good rhyme, Writing prose is much easier……

        I’m gonna write a rhyme
        Full of wisdom, wit
        I haven’t thought what else to write
        What else to put in it…..

        See Rae, rhyme of this quality is rarely seen on WordPress. D’ya think I’m Pulitzer material?….

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s the conclusion I’ve been coming to Don, I like words that rhyme, so why fix what isn’t broken?

        Coming from a wordsmith such as yourself it’s affirming to hear that I write good rhyme.

        As for the Pulitzer:

        I’ve been smiling through an early morning rising
        reading your blog today, I’d have to say:



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